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(unit, graphics)
(TWentIeth of a Point) 1/20 of a Postscript point, or 1/1440th of an inch. There are thus 1440 twips to an inch or about 567 twips to a centimeter.

Twips are used in Microsoft formats and products, notably Rich Text Format, Visual BASIC, Visual C++, and printer drivers; and in IBM AFP products.

Twips were devised in the olden days to describe the sizes of characters produced by dot matrix printers that were constrained to multiples of either 12 or 10 dots per inch.


(1) (TWItter relationshiP) The relationship from a Twitter writer to a Twitter follower, which is in one direction only. See Twitter.

(2) (TWIP) (TWentIeth of a Point) Equal to 1/1440th of an inch.
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TWIPS exploits the natural abilities of dolphins to process their sonar signals to distinguish between targets and clutter in bubbly water.
"However, every headteacher is aware of what I call the Twips, who will relish the idea of being able to complain to more and more people, rather than dealing with their children.
Different software tools provide different ways of linking the "real" scale and the scale in the photos, which may be measured in pixels or in twips (one twentieth of a printer's point, and equal to 1/567 of a centimetre).
Performance measures included (a) movement time (the time between leaving the home target and touching the peripheral target), (b) movement distance (the total distance traveled in twips between the home target and the peripheral target), (c) movement speed (movement distance/movement time), and (d) slip errors (the number of times the cursor entered the target but left before completing the task).
This left false alarms, time per hit in seconds and distance travelled between hits (this was measured in twips, a Visual Basic measure with 1440 twips per inch and this has been divided by 100 in the tables).