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In ancient Greece and Rome, a building in which archives of a city or state were deposited; also called archeion or tabularium.
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It is possible that our architect travelled through Italy learning about the tabularium of Rome, the monument of the acropolis of Ferentino and the large sanctuaries of Latium.
TaL = tabularium length (mm), TaW = tabularium width (mm), TaA = tabularium area ([mm.sup.2]), TuL = tubule length (mm), TuW = tubule width (mm), WT = wall thickness (mm), LS = length of septa (mm), Ta5 = number of tabulae in 5 mm TaL TaW TaA TuL Minimum value 1.29 1.02 1.2 0.31 Maximum value 2.16 1.85 2.26 0.65 Range of means 1.65-1.74 1.37-1.33 1.72-1.74 0.46-0.53 Mean value 1.68 1.31 1.73 0.50 Measurements 54 54 54 28 Specimens 4 4 4 4 TuW WT LS Ta5 Minimum value 0.08 0.09 0 5 Maximum value 0.29 0.25 0.17 7 Range of means 0.16-0.22 0.16-0.17 5.2-6.8 Mean value 0.19 0.166 5.8 Measurements 28 56 19 Specimens 4 4 4 4
En Grecia, el Archeion en Atenas y el Metroon en Cybele, y en Roma el tabularium serian las primeras formas de verdaderos archivos, dispuestos de manera ordenada y sistematica para la consulta de los ciudadanos, lo que implantaba ya el concepto de archivo publico.
Going back even further in history, Roman legions had a records office called a "tabularium" established with "personnel administrators" assigned.
In the quiet of a tabularium in Rome a dispirited archivist reflects pessimistically that the great empire has grown old, the inhabitants of the capital in flux as barbarians invade.