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An abnormally rapid rate of respiration.
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(also called polypnea), quick, shallow breathing without disturbance of rhythm. Tachypnea is a form of inspiratory dyspnea (labored breathing) unaccompanied by such clinical symptoms as constrained body position or cyanosis of the lips. Tachypnea may occur in healthy persons during physical exertion or nervous excitement.

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Shows Frequency of Neonatal Complications During the Infant's Stay in The Hospital in Both Groups Morbidity ECC DCC Polycythaemia 0 1 IVH 1 0 Sepsis 0 0 Jaundice 4 9 Exchange Transfusion 0 0 Blood Transfusion 4 2 Feeding Problems 7 3 Patent Ductus Arteriosus 1 0 Respiratory Distress Syndrome Apnoea 1 1 Hypoglycaemia 2 Transient Tachypnoea of Newborn 1 2 Necrotizing Enterocolitis 1 1 Table 4.
Elevation and splinting of the diaphragm by the mass reduces functional residual capacity, vital capacity, and total lung capacity, leading to tachypnoea and arterial hypoxaemia.
The patient may present with tachypnoea and dyspnoea followed by hypoxaemia and respiratory failure requiring intubation and artificial ventilation.
Some may have suffered from fever-associated tachypnoea. A further possibility is that these patients suffered from sepsis-associated pulmonary endothelial damage.
Dutta et al [7] and Kumar et al [8] in their study had a highest incidence of transient tachypnoea of newborn.
The study showed that 21% infants were discharged with the diagnosis of bronchiolitis as presenting symptoms are usually cough, tachypnoea, wheezing and difficulty in breathing.
Clinically, babesiosis is characterized by high temperature, inappetence, tachypnoea, muscle tremors, body weight loss, anaemia, jaundice and hemoglobinuria (Urquhart et al., 1996).
His vital signs revealed hypotension and tachypnoea. He was conscious but unaware of the surroundings.
When admitted to our Emergency Department, she was conscious with a Glasgow coma scale of 12/15, somnolent, febrile, suffering of headache, tachypnoea; the marks of the snakebite were located in the distal part of the anterior left forearm; she had pain and bleeding at the bite site and swelling of the left upper limb with lymphangitis up to the axilla.
[2] Tachypnoea and associated pulmonary oedema can further increase the difficulty of auscultation.
* Tachypnoea (>20 breaths per minute) or an arterial carbon dioxide concentration of <32 mmHg
On examination, he was unconscious, responsive only to painful stimuli, in hypotension, with tachycardia and tachypnoea. Bilaterally equal and responsive pupils, pallor, tracheal deviation to the right and a distinct zigzag pattern of bruising over the left upper part of his torso were revealed by a general survey.