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Making small, isolated tack welds.



(Russian lavirovanie). (1) The movement of a vessel with frequent changes in the course to evade certain obstacles (ice floes, underwater hazards, and so on).

(2) The maneuvering of a sailing vessel that permits it to advance against the wind; it is accomplished by setting the sails close-hauled alternately on starboard and port tacks.



the process of bringing a sailing vessel onto a different tack by turning the bow of the vessel into the wind. The tacking maneuver is usually executed when the vessel is sailing close-hauled. Tacking is easier to execute for fore-and-aft rigged vessels than for square-rigged vessels.

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Accordingly, the Court held that the question of whether tacking is warranted must be decided by a jury.
Rule 10 port and starboard, Rule 11 windward boat to keep clear of leeward, Rule 12 boat clear astern keep clear of boat clear ahead and Rule 13 while tacking, keep clear of all other boats.
If this were done in the middle of the race course Sally could easily avoid Patsy by bearing away, by luffing or by tacking.