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These sedimentary linkages demonstrate that, like the Miramichi and Bronson Hill-Boundary Mountains, the Munsungun and Weeksboro-Lunksoos Lake pre-Silurian tracts were emergent after the Taconian orogeny.
Geochemistry and provenance of the Middle Ordovician Austin Glen Member (Normanskill Formation) and the Taconian Orogeny in New England.
2001, Taconian orogeny and the accretion of the Dashwoods block: A peri-Laurentian microcontinent in the Iapetus Ocean: Geology, v.
All of these lithostratigraphic assemblages were shifted, slightly folded and metamorphosed 450 million years ago during the Taconian Orogeny, the first phase of the creation of the Quebec Appalachians.
Middle Ordovician sandstone and mudrock of the Mictaw Group were first deformed by the Middle Ordovician Taconian Orogeny, which for most authors includes the Late Cambrian to Early Ordovician Gaspesian deformation as an early phase (Rodgers 1967; St-Julien and Hubert 1975; de Broucker 1987).