Tadeusz Szymon Krepowiecki

Krępowiecki, Tadeusz Szymon


Born in 1798, in Warsaw; died Jan. 5, 1847, in London. Polish revolutionary.

The son of a poor nobleman, Kr§powiecki was active in patriotic circles in 1819 and 1820 while a student at the University of Warsaw. During the Polish Uprising of 1830–31, as the leader of the Patriotic Society’s left wing, he urged that the rebellion be transformed into a social revolution and organized a mass demonstration on Jan. 25, 1831, in honor of the Decembrists. In exile, he helped found the Polish Democratic Society in March 1832. In 1835 he became the ideologist of the revolutionary-democratic organization the Polish People but was expelled two years later for his opposition to its sectarian tendencies.


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