Tadic, Boris

Tadić, Boris,

1958–, Serbian political leader, president of Serbia (2004–), b. Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now in Bosnia and Herzegovina). A student activist while attending Belgrade Univ., Tadić joined the Democratic party (DS) in 1990. A decade later, when the DS joined with other groups to form the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) and force President Slobodan MiloševićMilošević, Slobodan
, 1941–2006, Yugoslav and Serbian political leader, president of Serbia (1989–97) and of Yugoslavia (1997–2000), b. Požarevac, Serbia.
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 from power. Tadić was elected to the National Assembly and became minister of telecommunications. He served as defense minister from 2003 to 2004, when he became DS party leader. Later that year, he was elected president of Serbia; he was reelected in 2008. A pro-Western reformer in favor of Serbia's joining the European Union, Tadić opposed independence for Kosovo while rejecting Prime Minister KoštunicaKoštunica, Vojislav
, 1944–, Serbian politician, president of Yugoslavia (2000–3) and prime minister of Serbia (2004–8) b. Belgrade. A constitutional lawyer and liberal anticommunist, he lectured at his Belgrade Univ.
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's hard-line approach with respect to those nations supporting Kosovo's independence. In 2012 he lost his bid for a third term to Tomislav NikolićNikolić, Tomislav
, 1952–, Serbian political leader. A construction executive, he entered politics in the 1990s, becoming a member of the ultranationalist Serbian Radical party in 1991. That year he also was elected to the Serbian National Assembly.
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, and he subsequently stepped down as party leader.