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(both: tī`jo͞ong`), city (1994 pop. 853,221), W central Taiwan. Situated in an area where rice, sugarcane, and bananas are grown, Taichung is a distribution and processing center for these crops. The city has textile, machine-building, food-processing, and chemical industries, and was named an export-processing zone after the construction of a new port west of the city. A noted educational and cultural center, it is the home of the Chinese National Central Museum and Tunghai Univ. A fine park and several scenic spots are in the city. The city was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1999.



a city in China, in Taiwan Province, situated in the central part of the western coastal plain, the chief agricultural region of the island. Population, 467,000 (1971). A railroad junction, T’aichung is an important trade and industrial center, with machine-building, sugar-refining, paper-making, textile, and chemical industries. Camphor is also produced in T’aichung.


, T'ai-chung
a city in W Taiwan: commercial centre of an agricultural region. Pop.: 1 066 000 (2005 est.)
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The following figure displays the organizational structure of Lifeline association, Taichung, Taiwan at present.
A selection of 32 papers from a December 2006 international symposium in at Taichung, Taiwan review novel processes for producing biodiesel and bioethanol, and for catalyzing industrial products for purposes other than for energy.
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Mazak will also buy land adjacent to its Oguchi and Gifukamo complexes for future projects, while planning to relocate and expand its Shanghai, China, business center and to open a technology center in Taichung, Taiwan.
From the Department of Otolaryngology, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan, Republic of China.
29 media reported that a cargo ship, Jian Hong 1 carrying sugar from Taichung, Taiwan to South Korea, had reportedly encountered difficulties and begun to sink just after 10 p.
Taiwan Tower is an iconic new skyscraper proposed to be built in Taichung, Taiwan.
London, Dec 7 (ANI): A steel superstructure with a 1,000 feet high roof garden is all set to be built in the city of Taichung, Taiwan, which could end up becoming one of the most surreal buildings ever.
TAICHUNG, Taiwan - Taiwan and China continued economic cooperation talks Tuesday as part of a new round of negotiations that have set the stage for a partial free trade agreement -- a pact that promises to further bind together their economies despite a 60-year rivalry.
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But apparently IMTS contracts aren't worded the same way as are APEX agreements, so the publicity stunt that compares a machine from southern California with one from Taichung, Taiwan (made by Roundtop Machinery) is on tap.
17 in Taichung, Taiwan, the city's Economic Development Bureau and the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in the city hosted an ASEAN cultural fair and market.