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(both: tī`jo͞ong`), city (1994 pop. 853,221), W central Taiwan. Situated in an area where rice, sugarcane, and bananas are grown, Taichung is a distribution and processing center for these crops. The city has textile, machine-building, food-processing, and chemical industries, and was named an export-processing zone after the construction of a new port west of the city. A noted educational and cultural center, it is the home of the Chinese National Central Museum and Tunghai Univ. A fine park and several scenic spots are in the city. The city was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1999.



a city in China, in Taiwan Province, situated in the central part of the western coastal plain, the chief agricultural region of the island. Population, 467,000 (1971). A railroad junction, T’aichung is an important trade and industrial center, with machine-building, sugar-refining, paper-making, textile, and chemical industries. Camphor is also produced in T’aichung.


, T'ai-chung
a city in W Taiwan: commercial centre of an agricultural region. Pop.: 1 066 000 (2005 est.)
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Last year, Taichung City Government invited people from the industry, government, and academia to visit and exchange information with other countries under the leadership of the local government.
Motorola said that the new WiMAX network covers most of Taichung city, and the network coverage and capacity will be further expanded as usage grows.
The merging of Taichung city and County could also extend the political career of Taichung city Mayor Jason Hu, a KMT heavyweight, by resetting his term limit.
According to China Daily, the China-based company will commence assembly of its A3 compact model at Shengrong Auto's plant in Taichung city of Taiwan province at the end of 2009 with kits from the mainland.
Mayor Jason Hu of central Taiwan's Taichung City said Tuesday that Hong Kong's middle-man status between mainland China and Taiwan will remain strong amid the improving ties between the island and mainland China.
One year after a massive quake destroyed the Japanese school in central Taiwan a new school building is rising among paddy fields and banana plantations outside Taichung City in central Taiwan.
is an auto parts manufacturer located in Taichung City with its own production plants, assembly lines and warehouses.
A center for international non-governmental organizations opened Monday in the historic Guang Fu Village in Taichung City, and has already been designated as the location for the first overseas offices of two German NGOs specializing in search and rescue operations.
Jacky Tzeng, product director of ciMes also mentions that ciMes was recently applied to the "smart manufacturing trial operation field" with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) at The Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park.
Taichung City Major Chia-Lung Lin led a delegation of City Hall officials and Taiwanese businesses to visit LILEE Systems in Silicon Valley and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), formally beginning corporation between Taichung and LILEE Systems and development of smart city and smart transportation systems in Taichung.
The injured animal, named "A Ho" after the Chinese name for hippo Ho Ma, lay on the road for a few hours before being put into a cargo container and taken back to its farm in central Taichung city, officials said.
Cheng Loong's plant in Houli, Taichung City, began production in 2012, with 30% of output exported to the firm's overseas downstream plants for corrugated containers, which boosted the firm's profits remarkably due to higher export price compared to domestic sales.