Tailte Fair

Tailte Fair (Teltown Fair)

Mid-July to mid-August
Tailte was the foster mother of Lugh, an ancient Celtic god and patron of fairs. The Tailte (or Teltown) Fair, held in ancient Ireland for more than 2,000 years, was an early harvest festival in which the first fruits of the harvest were sacrificed to the spirit of Tailte, who was further honored by funeral games. Each chieftain brought his best athletes—runners, jumpers, spear throwers, and horsemen—as well as his harpists and poets and storytellers, who competed like the athletes for prizes of gold rings and jeweled ornaments. The Tailteann Games, as they were known, were last held in 1169, and the Irish have since revived them. The fair itself lasted until 1806.
See also Lughnasadh
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