Tair Zharokov

Zharokov, Tair Zharokovich


Born Sept. 22 (Oct. 5), 1908, in the village of Urda, in present-day Dzhanybek Raion, Ural’sk Oblast; died Mar. 11, 1965, in Alma-Ata. Soviet Kazakh poet. Member of the CPSU (1939).

Zharokov was first published in 1928; his first collection of verse, Starlight, appeared in 1932. Civic feeling is characteristic of his work, and the spirit of his age is felt not only in his themes and images but also in the very rhythm and melody of the verses. Zharokov’s narrative poems The Sun Spoke (1934), The Stream (1937), The Forest in the Desert Roared (1949), Steel Born in the Steppe (1954), and Storm in the Sands (1957) reflect the heroism of real Soviet life. Zharokov was awarded two orders and various medals.


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In Russian translation:
Zolotaia step’. Moscow, 1938.
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