Takaishvili, Evfimii Semenovich

Takaishvili, Evfimii Semenovich


Born Jan. 5 (17), 1863, in the village of Likhauri, in what is now Makharadze Raion, Georgian SSR; died Feb. 21, 1953, in Tbilisi. Georgian historian, philologist, archaeologist, teacher, and public figure. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR (1946).

Takaishvili was a founder of Tbilisi State University (1918) and was one of the university’s first professors. From 1921 to 1945 he lived in France, where he contributed greatly to the preservation of world-famous Georgian museum collections removed by the Menshevik government in 1921 and to the return of the collections to the homeland in 1945. In 1945, Takaishvili again became a professor at the University of Tbilisi.

Takaishvili’s works, written in Georgian, Russian, French, and English, include publications of collections of ancient Georgian manuscripts, studies of old Georgian literature and sources, and works on architecture, frescoes, and epigraphy.


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