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Jap. Takeshima, Korean Dokdo or Tokdo, island group, 58 acres (23 hectares), in the SW Sea of Japan, roughly midway between the Japanese island of Honshu and the Korean peninsula.
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The islands in question are called Dokdo by the ROK; Japan calls them Takeshima. National Geographic, in a November 2018 article, described the islands as "seemingly inconsequential craggy islets." They lie equidistant between Japan and Korea in the Sea of Japan and have been the subject of disputes between the two countries for well over 300 years.
South Korean calls the islands Dokdo but in Japan they are known as Takeshima. Both countries claim historical ties with around 50 people currently living there.
SEUL (CyHAN)- South Korea summoned a senior Japanese diplomat here Monday to strongly protest Japan's latest move of sending a high-level government official to attend the controversial "Takeshima Day" event.
Tokyo refers to the islands in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) as Takeshima, while they are known as Dokdo in South Korea.
Tokyo refers to the islands, which are located in the Sea of Japan (known as East Sea in South Korea), as Takeshima, while they are called Dokdo in South Korea.
The revised manuals describe the Senkaku Islands and Takeshima islets as "integral parts of Japanese territory." Japan is engaged in territorial disputes with the two countries over the islands.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Friday's landing drill by South Korean navy and coast guard personnel on the island group, called Takeshima by Japan and Dokdo by South Korea, violated Japanese sovereignty and is "totally unacceptable." He says Japan's Foreign Ministry lodged a protest both in Tokyo and Seoul.
(3) Western explorers and colonial writers referred to the islets as the "Liancourt rocks," while they are known as the "Dokdo Islands" in Korea and the "Takeshima Islands" in Japan.
A group of three Japanese historians on Thursday visited the South Korean-controlled Takeshima islets claimed by Japan to carry out on-site research, a member of the group said.
South Korea also "urges Japan to immediately retract the (territorial) claim" over the islets, which are known as Dokdo in Korean and Takeshima in Japanese.
Seoul, April 5 (Xinhua-ANI): South Korea lodged a strong protest on Friday against Japan's renewed territorial claim over Dokdo islets, known as Takeshima in Japan, lying halfway between Seoul and Tokyo.