Liancourt Rocks

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Liancourt Rocks,

Jap. Takeshima, Korean Dokdo or Tokdo, island group, 58 acres (23 hectares), in the SW Sea of Japan, roughly midway between the Japanese island of Honshu and the Korean peninsula. Consisting of two small rocky islands and nearby reefs, the Liancourt Rocks are claimed by Japan and South Korea, and have been occupied by South Korea since 1954. An irritant in Japanese-Korean relations, they are valuable mainly for the fisheries in the surrounding waters and the potential offshore mineral wealth.
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The revised manuals describe the Senkaku Islands and Takeshima islets as "integral parts of Japanese territory.
A group of three Japanese historians on Thursday visited the South Korean-controlled Takeshima islets claimed by Japan to carry out on-site research, a member of the group said.
China and South Korea reacted after the Japanese education ministry approved new high school textbooks that mentioned, as in past years, that Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea and Takeshima islets in the Sea of Japan are historically Japanese territory.
The conservative Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun reported Tuesday that the government would "place ads in 70 national and regional newspapers from September 11 for a week" to highlight its case for sovereignty over the Takeshima islets.
2 -- (BNA) A Japanese daily newspaper (Asahi) reported today that South Korea and Japan have suspended bilateral military cooperation in the aftermath of diplomatic tensions over Dodko islands-- aka Takeshima Islets.
All seven newly approved civics textbooks for junior high school students describe the disputed Senkaku Islands and Takeshima islets as Japanese territories, the education ministry said Wednesday in announcing the results of the latest textbook screenings.
The move comes as Japan is trying to gain support from the public and other nations for its sovereign rights over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, claimed by China and Taiwan, Takeshima islets in the Sea of Japan, controlled by South Korea, and the Northern Territories, held by Russia.
Selden said both territorial disputes -- involving the Senkaku Islands, administered by Japan and claimed by China, which calls them Diaoyu, and the Japan-claimed Takeshima islets, controlled by South Korea, which calls them Dokdo -- have "deep roots in Japanese colonialism.
They planned to visit Ulleungdo, an island that serves as the administrative and military base for the Takeshima islets, which are known as Dokdo in South Korea.
Japan has a territorial dispute with South Korea over the Takeshima Islets in the Sea of Japan.
Nothing has changed the fact that the Takeshima islets are Japanese territories,'' said Tatsuo Kawabata, Japan's education minister, on Friday.
As for the islets disputed with South Korea, the white paper, as it has in the past, stated that the Takeshima islets are an integral part of Japanese territory, prompting the South Korean foreign ministry to voice ''deep regret'' and call for the text to be retracted immediately.