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A Russian term applied to permanently unfrozen ground in regions of permafrost; usually applies to a layer which lies above the permafrost but below the active layer, that is, when the permafrost table is deeper than the depth reached by winter freezing from the surface. Also known as tabetisol.
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(or tabetisol), a layer of ground within the permafrost zone whose temperature is above the freezing point of the water contained in it that is sufficiently liquid to form drops. Taliks are usually found beneath large bodies of water and in places of intensified circulation of subterranean waters. A distinction is made between open taliks, which extend through the entire thickness of the frozen layer, and closed, or false, taliks, which are closed on the bottom.

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Numerical simulation of permafrost thermal regime and talik development under shallow thaw lakes on the Alaskan Arctic Coastal Plain.
"When the winter cooling is not sufficient to freeze the active layer to the top of the permafrost, a talik [a layer of unfrozen ground in a permafrost area] will be formed between the base of the active layer and the top of permafrost.
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First, in permafrost areas, the bed of sufficiently thick water bodies can be preserved from freezing and promote talik development, ensuring a pathway for recharging or discharging groundwater [7, 32].
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