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the language of the Talyshin. Spoken in the southern part of the Azerbaijan SSR and in contiguous Iran, Talyshi belongs to the northwestern group of the Iranian languages. It has several dialects, of which the most important is the Lenkoran dialect.

Talyshi is an analytic language. Its phonetic features include the wide use of a reduced vowel represented by the symbol b and extensive assimilation of vowels. The language is inflected and has oblique case forms for nouns, as well as several simple verb forms, for example, the optative and the augmented form of the imperfect. A unique feature of Talyshi is an analytic form of the present tense that is formed from the infinitive.

Talyshi has a well-developed system of postpositions, which are often used in combination with prepositions. Transitive verbs in some forms of the past tense require an ergative sentence construction. In attributive constructions, the attribute with the marker -a precedes the dependent member.


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(38) Roelie van der Spuy makes a similar observation about the use of Allah as a term for God by the Talysh speakers of Azerbaijan.
Due to the timely assessment of the situation, the Azerbaijani military was able to completely clear from the enemy troops the height around the village of Talysh andtheSeysulan settlement, which could pose a threat to the Goranboy region and the city of Naftalan.
Harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones) from Talysh, with description of a new genus and other taxonomical changes.
It is surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Greater Caucasus, Kopet Dag, Talysh, and Elbors (Mamedov, 2008; Aliyev, 2005; Eybatov, 2010).
Azerbaijani positions underwent fire from the positions located near the villages of Shuraabad, Shikhlar, Kengerli, Sarijali, Javakhirli, Merzili, Yusifjanli of the Aghdam district, Talysh, Gulustan of the Goranboy district, Kuropatkino of the Khojavend district, Horadiz, Garakhanbeyli, Ashagi Seyidahmadli of the Fizuli district, Chilyaburt of the Terter district and Mehdili of the Jabrayil district.
The northern side of the province is part of the South (Iranian) Talysh territory.
Eleven of them are on individual languages--namely, the extinct Bactrian and Sogdian and the living Persian, Talysh, Ossetian, and the Pamir group--while two draw on several Iranian languages.
Loyal followers of Sheikh Haydar assigned seven people named Hussein Bey grinder, Dede Big Talysh, Khadim Bey Khalifa, Rustem Bey and the Bey Beyrami Qramany, Ilyas Bey Shah Uighur Oghli and were Qrapyrbyg.
fellow Talysh, an Iranian-speaking ethnic group concentrated in Azerbaijan's southeastern region bordering Iran.
The genus Epimerella with Oppia smirnovi Kuliev 1962 as type-species was described from Talysh Azerbaijan SSR by Kulijev (1967) and initially placed in the family Oppiidae.