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a people inhabiting the southeastern border region of the Azerbaijan SSR and northern Iran and speaking Talyshi. In the USSR, almost all Talyshin speak Azerbaijani as well, which serves as the literary language. The predominant faith of the Talyshin is Shiism. In the USSR the Talyshin have nearly assimilated with the Azerbaijanis, whose material culture is very similar; consequently, no distinction was made between the two in the 1970 census.

The Talyshin are descended from local aboriginal tribes. The economy is based on agriculture (rice, citrus and other fruits, vegetables). Stock raising is well developed, particularly in the mountainous regions. Many Talyshin are employed in industry. Many of the Talyshin who live in the USSR belong to the intelligentsia. In Iran, approximately 70,000 Talyshin (1972, estimate) engage in agriculture, the growing of fruits, and stock raising.


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