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, name for many of the small, squirrellike New World monkeys of the family Callithricidae. Members of this family are all found in tropical South America, with one species found also in Central America. They range in size from the pygmy marmoset, which is 8 in.
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THE ALL YOU NEWS LATEST Listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List, the cotton-top tamarins have suffered a severe decline in recent years, mainly due to deforestation, which has destroyed more than 75 per cent of their natural habitat and there are thought to be less than 6,000 left in the wild.
Cotton-top tamarins are characterised by their small size and white crest of hair, similar to a Mohican, that starts at their forehead and runs over their shoulders.
Mamma the cotton-top tamarin was one of five monkeys taken in a raid in April.
It added: "We are absolutely delighted to confirm that four of the stolen tamarins are safely back at the zoo.
The research concluded that the tamarins reduced their vocalization amplitude in the context of exposure to a potential threat.
The study took place in Mariquita municipality forest, home of about eight groups of tamarins with size ranging from three to fifteen individuals.
Meet a colony of monkeys, including pygmy marmosets and cotton-topped tamarins.
Animal lovers and other readers will be enchanted by bits about dodos, early zoos, time spent with gorilla families, and Mallinson's special passion for the diminutive lion tamarins of South-East Brazil.
You can watch animals from the comfort of your own home by clicking on this website to use a web camera to see the Amazon river fishes, Andean bear cubs, clouded leopard cubs, golden lion tamarins, kiwis, Sumatran tigers, sloth bears, giant pandas, and more
When people play their funky music for cotton-top tamarins, the monkeys hardly get their groove on.
Emperor tamarins Lara and Lucy were orphaned just three weeks after they were born at Denver Zoo.