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see ToamasinaToamasina
, formerly Tamatave
, city (1993 pop. 127,441), NE Madagascar. Situated on the Indian Ocean, it is the nation's chief port and is connected by rail with Antananarivo. Toamasina exports sugar, coffee, cloves, and rice. Food processing is the chief industry.
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, Madagascar.



a city in the Democratic Republic of Madagascar and capital of Tamatave Province. Population, 59,100 (1971). Tamatave is linked by rail and highway with the capital. It is the country’s main seaport, with a freight turnover of 1.7 million tons (1974); agricultural products (rice, coffee, bananas) and graphite are exported. Tamatave also has a petroleum refinery and enterprises of the food and metalworking industries.

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Objective: To reduce diarrhoeal disease in the Tamatave region through the provision of safe water, improved sanitation, and behavioural change communication at local small-scale restaurants.
In this paper, I examine these assumptions through an analysis of the jaombilo of Tamatave, a port city on Madagascar's east coast.
Meanwhile, the champion-elect has obvious chances on the Godolphin youngster Tamatave in the second division of the EBF Maiden Stakes and on John Dunlop's Santa Caterina in the M.
The 51-square-mile concession is located 62 miles east and northeast of the capital of Antananarivo and 78 miles southwest of the Tamatave port.
But five provincial governors have said they recognised Tamatave -- the coastal hometown of President Ratsiraka where the country's oil refineries are concentrated -- as "an alternative capital" to the opposition-controlled Antananarivo.
After decades of neglect the 600-kilometre-long Pangalanes Canal, which connects Madagascar's principle port, Tamatave, with the southeastern towns of Manakara and Mananjary, is being renovated.
His last patronage plum came in 1897 when he was seventy-four years old: President William McKinley appointed him United States Consul to Tamatave, Madagascar, a drab post that placed few demands on his time, thereby allowing him time to complete a draft of his life-story.
1,551 900 Dar Es Salaam 1,536 3,024 Puerto Cortes 1,472 89 Vitoria 1,467 2,036 La Spezzia 1,392 378 Surabaya 1,312 Rio 1,027 1,410 Callao 1,006 1,281 Montevideo 997 837 Palma de Majorca 897 796 Tamatave 891 1,000 Puerto Limon 879 404 Bombay 836 493
With the new Pass Vanilla Islands , tourists will be able to reach Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar (Tananarive, Tamatave & Nosy-Be), and Comoros as well as Mayotte out of la Reunion.
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