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Japanese ash, tamo

A light, yellowish wood having a grain similar to oak; esp. used for veneer.
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Also arrested in the raid were Ernesto Silva, Cairo Tamos and Anna Rose Dadulla, who all claimed to be Punio's caretakers in the farm.
The landmark addition of these airlines to oneworld is being celebrated at a ceremony today at TAMOs Sao Paulo hub, attended by the CEOs of the allianceOs established member airlines, during which TAM will show off the first of its aircraft painted in the oneworld livery and launch a massive marketing communications campaign to highlight its alliance move.
TAMOs clients now have available daily flights between S - o Paulo (Guarulhos) and Paris, and another five weekly services between Rio de Janeiro (Gale - o) and Paris.
En esta era de redes e innovacion, INCAE Business Review tambien esta en facebook, es tamos iniciando este camino y quisieramos invitarlo a unirse, confiamos le sea de utilidad y nos haga llegar sus comentarios.
Obviamente, la violencia y la represion no son las mejores vias para solucionar una crisis politica como la que es tamos viviendo.
Con el Sao Pauto desde 1991, Ceni fue fundamental en esta campana "libertadora" al punto que se convirtio en el goleador del equipo con cinco tamos, amen de los Ves que contabiliza en el torneo domestico, Sin duda uno de los grandes del balompie actual.
The Clos Canon is just one of the wines to feature on TAMOs award winning First Class 2011 cellar.
La gente esta que ya no aguanta y a mi me da miedo pensar que rapidamente es tamos llegando al 2010.
Among more than 500 options, 16 were selected to pair with the more sophisticated dishes offered on the new menu OSabor que faz BemO (Flavours That Make You Feel Good), prepared exclusively for TAMOs international flights in 2012 by the talented Brazilian chef, Bel Coelho,O explains Arthur Azevedo.
Currently, TAMOs own network offers 43 destinations in Brazil and 19 in Latin America, Europe and the United States [ETH] in addition the airline offers a further 92 international destinations through codeshare agreements.
In addition to heavy maintenance, the interior of the aircraft will also be reconfigured to TAMOs visual standards, and various additional tasks will also be carried out.