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see AntananarivoAntananarivo
or Tananarive
, city (1993 pop. 675,669), capital of Madagascar. Antananarivo is Madagascar's largest city and is its administrative, communications, and economic center. It is the trade center for a productive agricultural region, whose main crop is rice.
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, Madagascar.
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06/05 In tall dry deciduous/evergreen forest growing on limestone, on south-facing slope of hill in northern part of Kasijy Forest, on W bank of Mahavavy River, downstream from Kandreho, ca 260 km NW of Tananarive, Madagascar, coll.
Returning again to Tananarive we started on the 12th for Tsaramandroso at 3 a.
If I could sound like Gloria Naylor, I would be Gloria Naylor instead of Tananarive Due.
Joplin's Ghost by Tananarive Due, read by Lizan Mitchell Recorded Books unabridged CD, $69.
Sanders to Tananarive Due, a renaissance--or, maybe better, a naissance--of black science fiction is under way that augurs unimagined possibilities.
MIAMI -- Former feature writer and columnist for The Miami Herald Tananarive Due and her husband, novelist, screenwriter and columnist Steven Barnes will make an appearance at Florida Memorial College (FMC) as part of the College's Lyceum Program on Thursday, Nov.
While authors like Johnson--who recently wrote Hellblazer: Papa Midnite (Vertigo/DC Comics, April 2006)--are penning graphic novels, interest in the genre has spilled over into the world of literature, as Chambers and Phillips are developing The Darker Mask, an anthology in which super authors, including Steven Barnes, Eric Jerome Dickey, Tananarive Due, Gar Anthony Harwood, Naomi Hirahara and Walter Mosley, will write about superheroes of color.
Evie Shockley's "separation anxiety," for example, is a moving tale about family relationships and the many ways that home can be both secure and stifling; Tananarive Due's "Like Daughter" chillingly recasts childrearing's nature-vs.
That photo was taken at Clark Atlanta University's conference on the "African-American Fantastic Imagination: Explorations in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror" (It was the first time Tananarive had met either Octavia or Steve--making it one of the most magical experiences of Tananarive's life.
Invited writers include Tananarive Due, Elizabeth Nunez, Walter Mosley, Walter Dean Myers, Ishmael Reed, Quincy Troupe, Javaka Steptoe and Jacqueline Woodson among others.
She has a power list of authors including Zane, Camille Cosby, Lloyd Boston, Ellis Cose, Tananarive Due, Price Cobbs, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Voletta Wallace, Blair Underwood and Vickie Stringer.
Authors at past events have included: Edwidge Danticat, Michael Thelwell, Donna Brazile, Tananarive Due, Percival Everett, bell hooks, Erica Simone Turnipseed, and Juan Williams.