Tanatar, Sevastian

Tanatar, Sevast’ian Moiseevich


Born Oct. 7 (19), 1849, in Odessa; died there Nov. 30 (Dec. 13), 1917. Russian chemist. Professor at Novorossiia University in Odessa from 1896.

In 1880, Tanatar showed that fumaric and maleic acids, upon oxidation, yield two isomeric hydroxy acids, later shown to be racemic and mesotartaric acids. In 1895 he accomplished the transformation of trimethylene into propylene at high temperature. In 1898–99 he produced perborates and percarbonates by electrolysis. Tanatar also discovered compounds of hydrogen peroxide with Na2CO, (1899), Na2SO4 (1901), and other salts and with urea (1908).


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