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Tancred loves the mud and I was impressed by the way he kept on at York last time having met trouble in running.
Cunning MI6 agent Tancred Borenius tricked Hess into visiting Britain on the pretence of brokering a peace deal.
MI6 then sent Tancred Borenius, a Finnish Art Historian and part time politician to Geneva in early 1941 to negotiate, using Carl Jacob Burckhardt, the Head of the International Red Cross as mediator.
The Boyles' son, Johnny (Bernard Galvin), lost an arm and damaged his hip in the IRA and lives in fear of his life after having betrayed a comrade named Tancred.
People are hurting," said Tancred Lidderdale, an analyst with EIA.
In response, Tancred demands that Ridwan place a large cross on the minaret of the great mosque of Aleppo.
Australian Olympic Committee spokesman Mike Tancred said his organisation had recommended that no athlete traveling to China take the pack.
1586-87 Tancred by Henry Wotton (play, now lost), performed at Queen's College, Oxford
4) Bill Tancred was the first Briton to break 60 metres in which event?
The course, which costs pounds 125, is taking place in Leamington at the Complete Learning offices, Jephson Court, Tancred Close.
He joined Bohemond of Taranto's army as a military chaplain, and after arriving in the East, took service with Bohemond's nephew Tancred, who ruled the principality of Antioch from 1108 to 1112.
In July, he was given a 10-day ban after being accused of failing to ride out Tancred Times for third in the Bradford Handicap at Catterick.