Tang Yin

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T’ang Yin


(also Po-hu or Tzu-wei; pseudonym, Liu-ju chüshih). Born 1470; died 1523. Chinese painter, calligrapher, and poet.

In his landscapes, T’ang Yin followed the traditions of Li T’ang. In his paintings of people and of birds and flowers, he used rich, varied colors in the “careful brush” (kung-pi) style. His works include Silk Fan in the Streams of the Autumn Wind (City Museum, Shanghai) and Farm Work in the South of China (Ku-kung Museum, Peking).

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In Story of the Stone (Honglou meng [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), a painting called Spring Slumber under the Crab Flower (Haitang chunshui tu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), allegedly by Tang Yin [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1470-1524) decorates Qin Keqing's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] room.
1535) as well as his (Qiu's) fellow student Tang Yin (1470-1524).(23) Tang Yin might have been instrumental in getting Qiu Ying a commission to contribute to the 1513 Cloud Raft scroll for Zhang Zhun's son Chong, whose hao was Yuncha (Cloud Raft).
Among his associates he counted Wen Zhengming and the much younger Wang Shizhen.(43) At least two other members of the Hua family, Hua Cheng (1438-1514) and Hua Xia, also were active collectors of antiquities.(44) Hua Yun, himself, owned pictures supposedly by the tenth-century Zhou Wenju and the eleventh-century Xu Daoning.(45) Hua Yun might have made contact with Qiu Ying through Tang Yin, whom Hua commissioned to depict a set of garden illustrations.(46) Paintings by Qiu Ying associated with Hua Yun include two scrolls known only through records: a rendition of Vimalakirti Preaching, done in 1527 and dedicated to Hua,(47) and Going Out to Hunt in the Shang-lin Park, supposedly executed between 1544 and 1547, which had Hua's seals on it.(48)