Tang Yin

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T’ang Yin


(also Po-hu or Tzu-wei; pseudonym, Liu-ju chüshih). Born 1470; died 1523. Chinese painter, calligrapher, and poet.

In his landscapes, T’ang Yin followed the traditions of Li T’ang. In his paintings of people and of birds and flowers, he used rich, varied colors in the “careful brush” (kung-pi) style. His works include Silk Fan in the Streams of the Autumn Wind (City Museum, Shanghai) and Farm Work in the South of China (Ku-kung Museum, Peking).

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1535) as well as his (Qiu's) fellow student Tang Yin (1470-1524).
45) Hua Yun might have made contact with Qiu Ying through Tang Yin, whom Hua commissioned to depict a set of garden illustrations.
Tang Yin, Zhu Da, Hongren, Dong Qichang) have appeared, as have several volumes that focus even more particularly on a single pictorial project or program (e.