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India: see ThanjavurThanjavur
, formerly Tanjore
, city (1991 pop. 202,013), Tamil Nadu state, SE India. It is a district administrative headquarters and a rice-milling center on the Kaveri River delta, known as the "rice bowl" of Tamil Nadu.
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BalaRamakrishnan Tanjore is a seasoned technology professional with over 15 years of experience in BFSI, healthcare, retail and has held leadership roles across R&D, delivery and programme management in companies like Apple, Savant, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Tesco among others.
I have completed some Tanjore works which portray three important aspects of the Islamic religion: a mosque, the Holy Kaaba and the Holy Quran," she told Times of Oman.
It was on the same day that ironically the electronic media showed visuals of a farmer from Tanjore in Tamil Nadu who was beaten up on the street by the Police and his tractor was captured for non-payment of Rs.
See Edward Tanjore Corwin, A Manual of the Reformed Church in America (formerly Reformed Protestant Dutch Church) 1628-1902, at 417 (4th ed.
The Peabody Essex Museum says it will expedite the handover of the mid-19th century Tanjore portrait to the Department of Homeland Security to cooperate with an ongoing international art fraud investigation into dealer Subhash Kapoor.
I'm planning to give your mother one of my Tanjore foil paintings," he said, rolling over halfway.
Designer Sashikant Naidu went past the complete ensemble to present separate pieces for the discerning stylista with bright eco- friendly coloured foliage prints and the occasional Tanjore painting print on silk, khadi and crepe saris with crinkle fringed petticoats, cap sleeve sequin blouses, long straight fir kurta s and A- line skirts.
Life in Tanjore, also called Thanjavur, revolves around the spectacular and sprawling Brihadeeshwara temple, what can only be called an ancient sky scraper.
26) The Tanjore inscriptions are at present the only sources for these raids, and may possibly exaggerate the success of the raids themselves (see below).
They know that the Church of France and Italy is as important as their own temples: Chartres is on par with Tanjore.
Raghunatha was associated with the saint Ramadasa, the preceptor of Sivaji, and was apparently patronized by Queen Dipabai, wife of Ekoji Bhosala of Tanjore.
The ORBs of the two squadrons operating Wellingtons in India at that time, 36 Squadron at Tanjore, and 215 at Chaklala, contained no reference to any expected deliveries which had crashed en route (although there were reports of new arriving aircraft, including new Mark X Wellingtons).