Tank Car

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tank car

[′taŋk ‚kär]
Railroad car onto which is mounted a cylindrical, horizontal tank designed for the transport of liquids, chemicals, gases, meltable solids, slurries, emulsions, or fluidizable solids.

Tank Car


(in Russian, zheleznodorozhnaia tsisterna), a railroad car consisting of a cylindrical welded metal tank mounted horizontally on a one-piece metal frame or on two half-frames, each of which supports one end of the tank. The frame or the pair of half-frames rests on two trucks with two or four axles each. For filling a tank car with freight, a hatch with a leakproof valve is located at the top of the tank. Tank cars are also equipped with devices for draining liquids from the tank. In the USSR, the tankcar fleet consists of four- and eight-axle cars with a freight-carrying capacity of up to 120 tons. (See alsoTANK TRUCK.)

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The AAR apparently has no problem with that phase out, which requires tank cars built after Oct.
The exterior of a tank car when coated with a single-coat, direct-to-metal (DTM) epoxy coating will require approximately 35 gallons of paint vs.
It must issue the new rules for safer rail tank cars as soon as possible.
In comments to PHMSA, a coalition of 30 groups calls on the agency to "reconsider and revamp proposed new rules for rail tank cars hauling crude oil and ethanol to avoid exacerbating already significant disruptions to rail service.
said it intends to buy a fleet of 5,000 strengthened tank cars to haul oil and ethanol in a move that would set a higher safety standard for a fleet that's seen multiple major accidents.
Beginning in the mid-1960s, the decline of tank car loadings eventually produced deficits in mileage allowances.
Note that the CV range is much greater for hopper cars than for tank cars in both Stage 2 and 4, illustrating that hopper cars experience more transit time variation than tank cars and suggesting the requirement for additional car inventory at both the plant and customer locations.
ITEM: In the pre-dawn hours of April 11, 1996, along railroad tracks one mile west of the rural Montana community of Alberton, four Montana Rail Link tank cars suddenly derail.
The CAS must meet the technical parameters set out in Appendix 1 to this Tender Documentation - Technical Conditions for a Tank Car Syringe.
This enables Sabic to immediately know whether a rail tank car has been loaded or unloaded or is ready to be redeployed.