Tank Truck

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tank truck

[′taŋk ‚trək]
A truck body onto which is mounted a cylindrical, horizontal tank, designed for the transport of liquids, chemicals, gases, meltable solids, slurries, emulsions, or fluidizable solids.
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Tank Truck


a truck equipped with a container for the transportation of liquid, semiliquid, and pourable cargoes. There are tank trucks for petroleum products (gasoline, kerosine, lubricants), food products (milk, beer), compressed gases (propane, butane), chemically active materials (acids, alkalis), and pourable cargoes (cement, flour). The capacity of tank trucks ranges from 0.8 cu m to 15 cu m; the tank may be cylindrical, conical, elliptical, or rectangular in shape; it is usually made of steel but sometimes of aluminum or plastic.


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