Tank Truck

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tank truck

[′taŋk ‚trək]
A truck body onto which is mounted a cylindrical, horizontal tank, designed for the transport of liquids, chemicals, gases, meltable solids, slurries, emulsions, or fluidizable solids.

Tank Truck


a truck equipped with a container for the transportation of liquid, semiliquid, and pourable cargoes. There are tank trucks for petroleum products (gasoline, kerosine, lubricants), food products (milk, beer), compressed gases (propane, butane), chemically active materials (acids, alkalis), and pourable cargoes (cement, flour). The capacity of tank trucks ranges from 0.8 cu m to 15 cu m; the tank may be cylindrical, conical, elliptical, or rectangular in shape; it is usually made of steel but sometimes of aluminum or plastic.


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The oil tank truck overturned and then exploded, killing the driver and nearby villagers.
The drill began with the operations room at the directorate receiving a telephone call from the security and safety office at Zakher fuel supply station on the collision between a sedan car and a petrol tank truck when the latter was supplying the station with petrol.
Changes in incendivity of a spark as well as a smolder discharge are function of value of electric current flow I through flammable mixture in vapour space of the metal tank or tank truck.
A tank truck then smashed into the line of vehicles, causing a multiple crash in which one of the vehicles caught fire, the police said.
Inspecting a tank truck involves verifying that it is not leaking, does not show signs of structural damage, and that each safety device--such as remote shut off mechanism or heat activated safety device--is present and functions as required.
The Supreme Court had addressed the issue in Tank Truck Rentals, Inc.
Carriers now eligible for PowerTrack include many members of the National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc.
The New York Fire Department Tank Truck Unit now requires that a roof contractor present the two distinct Certificates of Fitness (for use of a propane torch on a roof, and to serve as a fire guard).
Hudson was working for the company Andrew West, transporting equipment for British troops in the Balkans last July, when he overtook a tank truck, forcing another car to swerve off the road.
Operations at the facility include tank truck shipments of the company's solvents, intermediates, commodity surfactants and amines product lines.
By utilizing our existing equipment instead of buying a dedicated water tank truck, we saved a great deal of money on up front equipment costs as well as insurance, maintenance, license fees, and other operating costs.
On August 12 a tank truck on the Beltway leaked 500 gallons of corrosives onto the highway.