Tank Truck

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tank truck

[′taŋk ‚trək]
A truck body onto which is mounted a cylindrical, horizontal tank, designed for the transport of liquids, chemicals, gases, meltable solids, slurries, emulsions, or fluidizable solids.

Tank Truck


a truck equipped with a container for the transportation of liquid, semiliquid, and pourable cargoes. There are tank trucks for petroleum products (gasoline, kerosine, lubricants), food products (milk, beer), compressed gases (propane, butane), chemically active materials (acids, alkalis), and pourable cargoes (cement, flour). The capacity of tank trucks ranges from 0.8 cu m to 15 cu m; the tank may be cylindrical, conical, elliptical, or rectangular in shape; it is usually made of steel but sometimes of aluminum or plastic.


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A tanker lorry carrying diesel skidded into Sungai Selangor, causing an oil spillage into the river.
Two of the accidents involved bikes, killing one person each, while the third involved a collision between a car and tanker lorry, claiming five lives.
Mr Whittaker had been riding his Speedfighter motor scooter northwards on the between Blythe Farm and Blythe Hall when his scooter crashed with a Leyland Daf tanker lorry which was travelling in the same direction.
John Whittaker, of School Lane, Lea Marston, died after a collision on the B4114 Blythe Road, near Coleshill, on Tuesday, involving a Leyland Daf tanker lorry which was travelling in the same direction.
Summary: One person was injured when a tanker lorry blew up in Melbourne, Australia.
Breakdown technician Richard Cox, 38, of Penarth, died when he was struck by a tanker lorry on the M4 as he tried to fix a camper van.
MOURNERS attended the funeral of a break-down technician yesterday who was struck by a tanker lorry on the M4 as he tried to fix a camper van.
He was believed to have been driving the silver Mercedes E200 estate car, involved in the crash with a double-decker Volvo livestock carrier and a Volvo tanker lorry on the A5 viaduct near Chirk on Monday afternoon.
Robert Kerry, aged 54, was on foot and waiting for a lift when he is believed to have been hit by a wheel that came off a tanker lorry travelling along the A27.
Nearly 200 passengers and crew were stranded on board a ferry after a tanker lorry broke free and burst through the ship's stern.
The gas is being moved through the Strovilia crossing and transferred to a Turkish Cypriot tanker lorry. Around 90 tonnes per day are going through, and it is hoped by Friday the transfer will be complete.
The blaze ripped through the tanker lorry on a moorland stretch of the motorway yesterday and shut it for several hours.