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(Fe,Mn)Ta2O6 An iron-black mineral that crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and commonly occurs in short prismatic crystals; luster is submetallic, hardness is 6 on Mohs scale, and specific gravity is 7.95; principal ore of tantalum.
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a mineral of the group of multiple oxides; the extreme member of the isomorphic columbite-tantalite series. Its chemical composition is (Fe,Mn) (Ta,Nb)2O6. In tantalite, tantalum predominates over niobium in percent by weight. Varieties of tantalite are ferrotantalite, in which FeO: MnO > 3:1 and the FeO content reaches 14 percent, and manganotantalite, in which MnO:FeO > 3:1 and the MnO content reaches 14 percent. Ca, Mg, Sn, Ti, W, U, and Th are present as admixtures. Tantalite crystallizes in the orthorhombic system; it is of the columbite structural type. The crystals are tabular and acicular and the colors are black, grayish, brown, and red-brown. In the columbite-tantalite series, there is a regular change in physical properties with increasing Ta205 content; tantalite is harder (up to 6.5 on Mohs’ scale) and denser (7,000–8,200 kg/m3). Tantalite differs from columbite in its optical constants in the infrared region of the spectrum.

Tantalite is genetically associated with granites, rare-metal, muscovite, and quartz-feldspar pegmatites, carbonatites, and alkaline rocks. In pegmatites, tantalite crystallizes in a later stage than columbite, associating with albite, lepidolite, beryl, and other minerals. Tantalite is resistant to weathering and concentrates in placers, which are the main source for its extraction. It is used as an ore of tantalum.

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The reason for using these methods is to be able to delineate the depths and regions of high and low concentration of beryl, mica, feldspar, tourmaline, columbite, and tantalite which were found in grains scattered on the ground surface; larger samples excavated by artisan miners were also found around the study area.
estimated share of world tantalite supplies rose from 1.6% to 20.5%, and
Other objectives as outlined in the strategic plan include: the revival of the Uis Tin Mine as well as the provision of funding so as to support the tin/ tantalite buying scheme for the Brandberg Small Scale Miners Cooperative; the coordination of mining and energy activities; as well as to regularly hold discussions with the Ministry of Health and Social Services on radiation, occupational health and safety issues.
Rubagaire alleges the Merseyside company faked test results on samples of mineral ore and told him that samples were analysed as containing 45% and 38% tantalite, used in mobile phones.
Ta2O5 in tantalite concentrate: a non-refined, tantalum-bearing concentrate of variable composition and trace element content and
On August 30, 2011, AVX took delivery of the first shipment of “Conflict-Free” DRC tantalite ore containing 5,000 lbs of Ta2O5 from the DRC regional government licensed mine area concession holder.
Natural resources: Hydroelectric power, coal, natural gas, titanium ore, tantalite, graphite, iron ore, semi-precious stones, and arable land.
A lot of artificial ceramics as barium titanate, lead titanate, lead zirconate-titanate (PZT), potassium niobate, lithium niobate, and lithium tantalite have similar properties.
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