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Tarahumara (täräo͞omäˈrä), indigenous people of N Mexico, mostly in Chihuahua state. About 60,000 strong, they live for the most part in the barren wilderness of the Sierra Madre Occidental, subsisting largely by hunting and practicing rudimentary agriculture. They are renowned for their ability to run down deer and horses, but are known chiefly for their religious practices, in which consumption of the peyote cactus figures prominently. The visions and ecstasies produced by mescalin, the active ingredient of this plant, are the culmination of Tarahumara ceremonies. The Mexican poet Alfonso Reyes dedicated to the Tarahumara one of his finest works, Yerbas del Tarahumara (1934; tr. Tarahumara Herbs, 1958).


See W. C. Bennett and R. M. Zingg, The Tarahumara (1935); C. W. Pennington, The Tarahumar of Mexico (1963, repr. 1969).

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In addition, Peyote was a boon to him for it was a "real" drug, like opium or heroin, which could relieve him from the pain caused by his nerves and shatter all the limits of perception set by time and space: "I took Peyote in the mountains of Mexico with the Tarahumaras, and I had a packet of it which lasted me for two or three days; I thought myself then, at that moment, to be living the happiest three days of my existence ...
In Le Reve Mexicain, Le Clezio offers a plausible explanation concerning why Artaud's experiences with the Tarahumaras were not able to dissipate the existential pain from which he suffered his entire life.
Tarahumaras whip their heels up towards their butt to get maximum push.
Convertido al pensamiento raramuri que el imaginaba, pues sus interpretaciones tienen mucho de ilusion y fantasia, sin desmerecer su vision emotiva y humanista, seguramente vio en los tarahumaras lo que el mismo anhelaba en el ser humano.
Of late, the Tarahumaras, mainly an agricultural society, have been migrating to Chihuahua City to find work because of a drought that ruined their crops.