Taras Khadkevich

Khadkevich, Taras Konstantinovich


Born Feb. 23 (Mar. 7), 1912, in the village of Shaitarevo, in what is now Verkhnedvinsk Raion, Vitebsk Oblast; died Aug. 14, 1975, in Minsk. Soviet Byelorussian writer.

Khadkevich was first published in 1926. His novellas Brotherhood (1948) and Echo in the Mountains (1951; Russian translation, 1952) are devoted to the struggle of Soviet soldiers for the liberation of Czechoslovakia from fascism. In the novella Spring Song (1949) and the novel Expanse of Fields (1959; Russian translation, 1959), he depicts postwar life in the Byelorussian countryside. The novel Song of the Dvina (1973) is about the people working on a large-scale building project in the republic.

Khadkevich was awarded two orders and various medals.


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In Russian translation:
Bratstvo. Ekho v gorakh. Vesnianka. Minsk, 1975.


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