Tarnovskii, Veniamin Mikhailovich

Tarnovskii, Veniamin Mikhailovich


Born July 9 (21), 1837, in the village of Nizhnii Daimen, in what is now Zolotukhino Raion, Kursk Oblast; died May 5 (18), 1906, in Paris. Russian dermatologist and venereologist.

Tarnovskii graduated from the medical faculty of Moscow University in 1859. In 1869 he became a professor in the subdepartment of dermatology and syphilology at the St. Petersburg Medical and Surgical Academy, and from 1894 to 1897 he was the subdepartment’s head. Tarnovskii considered syphilis to be a systemic disease of the organism and proved the possibility of reinfection after successful treatment with iodine and mercury preparations. He refined the ideas about the mechanisms of development of malignant congenital syphilis. He proposed preparations for the treatment of chancroid and gonorrhea.

In 1885, Tarnovskii organized a Russian syphilological and dermatological scientific society, of which he was the first president, a post he held until 1903.


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