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a dense light-colored tuff rich in amorphous silica. Trass contains many small fragments of volcanic glass that has been partially converted into zeolites. In the USSR, trass is found in the Crimea (the Karadag) and in Transcaucasia (mainly in Armenia). Pulverized trass is used in the cement industry as an active admixture to portland cement, which can then harden in seawater. (See alsoPOZZOLANA.)

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trapeze hanger with roller support
A natural pozzolan of volcanic origin.
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Actually, Tarras and his contemporaries didn't want to be known as "klezmers." In Yiddish, "klezmer" connotes an "untrained" folk musician, in contrast to a classically-trained "muzikant" or "muziker." The musicians would refer to the music they played as "Jewish wedding music" or by the names of particular dances like "the freylekhs" or "the bulgars."
As well as the land that produces great minerality in its wine, the Tarras vineyards are next to a pine forest where Arwen and Frodo were chased by the Black Riders in the The Fellowship Of The Ring.
She said she was particularly angry because she had had to take Tarras with her and it was difficult to get both boys across the city.
For that's where royal housemaid Charyn Tarras met soldier Grant Davidson.
Tarras explained that the areas of cooperation with SepraTek include transferring technical expertise, localizing technology, and training cadres for the purpose of designing, developing and manufacturing membrane production lines and producing pressure vessels in desalination plants by reverse osmosis system.
Military Prosecutor Judge Saqr Saqr appealed Military Investigative Judge Riad Abu Ghaida's decision to release Tarras in October.
TARRAS are a six-piece band hailing from the north of England and Scottish Borders who, according to founder member Rob Armstrong, reinterpret folk and traditional music, giving it a contemporary freshness.
Step-dancers Frances and Sarah Doonan complete the act while Mick's daughter, Rosie, also appears with Phil's son and former member of Tarras, Ben Murray.
MORAY, Badenoch and Strathspey Enterprise is opening up land for new developments at the Tarras Business Park in a bid to create 1,800 jobs.

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