Alfred Tarski

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Tarski, Alfred


Born Jan. 14, 1902, in Warsaw. Polish logician and mathematician.

Tarski emigrated to the USA in 1939. He has done important work in set theory, the theory of Boolean algebras, logics with formulas of infinite length, and other branches of mathematical logic and the foundations of mathematics. He has made basic contributions to model theory, logical semantics, metalogic, and the methodology of deductive sciences.


Undecidable Theories. New York, 1954. (With others.)
Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics. Oxford, 1956.
In Russian translation:
Vvedenie v logiku imetodologiiu deduktivnykh nauk. Moscow, 1948.
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Whilst Russell's paradox could be avoided by imposing a hierarchical structure to the space of logical possibilities, no ad hoc solution could outflank Godel's and Tarsky's theorems.
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