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a family of Soviet Uzbek circus performers and tightrope acrobats.

Igamberdy Tashkenbaev. Born Mar. 3, 1866; died Feb. 9, 1963. People’s Artist of the RSFSR and Uzbek SSR (1939). Hero of Labor (1937). Member of the CPSU from 1942.

The son of an itinerant acrobat, I. Tashkenbaev performed in childhood with his father, and later independently. He was skilled in balancing and in performing gymnastics on the tightrope and trapeze. In 1942 he founded and headed an Uzbek circus group, and performed in it until 1949. I. Tashkenbaev’s students, as well as members of his family, took part in his circus act.

Abidzhian Tashkenbaev. Born Jan. 1, 1915. People’s Artist of the Uzbek SSR (1961). Son of I. Tashkenbaev.

A. Tashkenbaev has become a well-known circus performer. Since 1949 he has directed the Tashkenbaev circus act. From 1950 to 1956 he was artistic director of the Tashkent circus.

Kamaldzhan Tashkenbaev. Born Oct. 28, 1929. Honored Artist of the Uzbek SSR (1966). Member of the CPSU since 1954. Grandson of I. Tashkenbaev.

K. Tashkenbaev has been the director of the circus attraction “Uzbek dorvozy” since 1965.


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