Tasman Glacier

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Tasman Glacier,

largest glacier of New Zealand, 18 mi (29 km) long and 5.6 mi (9 km) wide, on the South Island, in the Southern Alps. It flows SE to the Tasman River. Ski meets are held there.

Tasman Glacier


a glacier on South Island, in New Zealand. Tasman Glacier, named in honor of A. Tasman, is 29 km long and 1.2 km wide. It is located in the Southern Alps, on the eastern slope of Mount Cook.

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They covered the Tasman glacier from the air and ventured close to the Fox Glacier.
pool, at geothermal area pool, at geothermal area We also journeyed to Mount Cook Village to see where Edmund Hillary practised for his Mount Everest feat 60 years ago, and we took in a close encounter with the Tasman Glacier, courtesy of Glacier Explorers, their power boat threading its way between huge, floating chunks of ice that have broken off the glacier wall.
At Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake, one of the only lakes in the world with icebergs, GEOs Mac Boats explore some 50 icebergs of varying sizes.
Tasman Glacier in New Zealand has thinned by about 200 meters on average since the 1970s.
South Island, 16 miles across the sea from Wellington, has many more of the country's natural treasures including Mount Cook National Park, the Tasman glacier and beautiful Milford Sound.
Tasman Glacier, New Zealand Nicola Graham and Bim Hargreaves; Florida, 9,000ft Nicole Angelides and Ramsey Kent; Bahamas Elizabeth Parkinson and Paul Noakes Pictures: BARCROFT MEDIA; Lanseria, South Africa Kevin Richard and Helga van Der Merwe
Glaciologist Dr Martin Brook says Tasman Glacier on South Island was 18 miles long in 1990, with virtually no lake at its front edge.
There is an optional scenic flight over Mount Cook and the Southern Alps by ski-equipped aircraft that lands on the Tasman Glacier.
One day, while filming at the head of the Tasman glacier, the weather closed in fast and we had to harness and rope up the entire cast and crew - about 80 people - and march several kilometres down the glacier in an emergency evacuation," he explains.