Tasman Sea

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Tasman Sea,

arm of the S Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand; named for Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. Sydney, Australia, is the largest city on the sea.
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Tasman Sea


a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean; situated between Australia and Tasmania to the west, and the islands of New Zealand, Norfolk, and New Caledonia, to the east. In the north, the Tasman Sea is separated from the Coral Sea by an uplift in the ocean floor and by several coral islands and reefs. In the southwest, Bass Strait connects it with the Indian Ocean.

The Tasman Sea has depths to 5,466 m. Its central part is crossed by a submerged mountain ridge 100–300 m high. The average surface water temperature ranges from 22°C in the north to 9°C in the south in winter (August) and from 25°C in the north to 15°C in the south in summer (February). The water has a salinity of 35 to 35.5 parts per thousand. Tides measure up to 5.3 m and are semidiurnal. Among the fishes found in the Tasman Sea are flying fish, swordfish, and tuna. The sea’s major ports are Sydney, Brisbane, and Newcastle in Australia and Auckland and New Plymouth in New Zealand.

The Tasman Sea was named in honor of A. Tasman.

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Tasman Sea

the part of the Pacific between SE Australia and NW New Zealand
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The event was also remarkable in that most of the event warming was confined to shallow depths (<30 m), in particular around the western Tasman Sea. Unlike the 2015/16 southeast Australia MHW, which warmed through the water column to at least 100-200-m depth (Oliver et al.
Wednesday's final ruling, which lasts for five years, also allows Qantas and Emirates to pair up on flights across the Tasman Sea, subject to conditions.
The Whanganui flows 180 miles from the volcanic slopes of North Island, through Whanganui National Park, and meets the Tasman Sea at the town of Whanganui.
Cricket Australia announced the itinerary which will run at the same time as the national team embark on a limited overs series across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand.
From the Mozambique Channel eastward beyond Australia and into the Tasman Sea a trough line is identified with two major vortex cores.
A team led by Anna Neuheimer of the CSIRO, the Australian government's science organisation, looked at the effect that rising temperatures in the Tasman Sea are having on the banded morwong, a long-lived inshore species.
An Australian study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, focused on the long-lived fish species called the banded morwong in the Tasman Sea, between Australia and New Zealand.
'Increased water temperatures in the Tasman Sea are likely to have a cascading effect through local marine ecosystems, [with the Bass Strait islands acting] as stepping stones or distributional paths south.
In a move that could shift the competitive balance in Australasia, Air New Zealand and Virgin Blue are seeking approval for a strategic alliance across the Tasman Sea, between Australia and New Zealand.
The Airbus A330-200, local registration VH-EBG, circled above the Tasman sea for two hours to burn fuel so it would be below the maximum landing weight before it landed back at Sydney at 15:00hr, says a Qantas spokesman.
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Plowman is a noted Australian maritime historian, and he has written this account of the motor liner Wanganella to reflect this vessel's unique role in trade practices in the Tasman Sea. Written as a follow-up to the author's 2007 Coast to Coast, this book describes the motor liner's delivery to the Union Line in 1932, its role as a hospital ship in World War II and passenger liner in the post-War years and its final duty as a hostel for construction workers before it was dismantled in 1970.