Tatarinov, Valerian

Tatarinov, Valerian Aleksandrovich


Born Aug. 16 (28), 1816, in Pereiaslavl’ District, Vladimir Province; died Feb. 14 (26), 1871, in St. Petersburg. Russian state figure. Dvorianin (member of the gentry or nobility).

After graduating from the boarding school of Moscow University in 1842, Tatarinov entered the civil service. From 1855 he studied the systems of government accounting of various European countries. Beginning in 1858, he was a chief secretary of the State Chancery, and from 1862 to 1866 he directed the bourgeois reform of state financial control. From 1863 to 1871 he was state controller. Tatarinov unified the state’s system of accounting, created unified railroad control, and introduced the orderly preparation of the state budget.