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Data showed that there was one tattoo parlour for every 4,082 people, with only Blackpool, Norwich and Bassetlaw boasting more.
Audrie Cabena, from Yankee tattoo parlour in Dundee, Scotland,( told the Evening Telegraph : "I met ManWoman once and he was covered in swastikas.
Deviant Subkulture is a tattoo parlour in Zamalek which says it operates, just like all other parlours, from the underground scene.
Many tattoo parlours have a minimum charge of pounds 20 to pounds 30 and will charge up to pounds 70 an hour.
Just under half of the 33 tattoo parlours in South Wales involved in the study didn't give any advice about tattooing or after-care and 39% didn't ask any medical questions.
The photographs were shared with us on Facebook after Newcastle was named as having among the highest number of tattoo parlours in the country.
JAIL chiefs want to set up professional tattoo parlours in prisons.
London, May 2 ( ANI ): Health experts are saying that tattoo parlours should be rated according to their hygiene standards in the same way as restaurants and takeaways.
Dr Ross, a keen singer who has won several karaoke competitions, added: 'One of the first things I did on moving to Newport to take up my new post, was to check out the local tattoo parlours - and have a Welsh dragon tattooed on my leg.'