Tauler, Johannes

Tauler, Johannes

(yōhän`əs tou`lər), c.1300–1361, German mystic. He was a Dominican. He met Meister EckhartEckhart, Meister
(Johannes Eckhardt), c.1260–c.1328, German mystical theologian, b. Hochheim, near Gotha. He studied and taught in the chief Dominican schools, notably at Paris, Strasbourg, and Cologne, and held a series of offices in his order.
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, either at Strasbourg or in Cologne, where he went to study, and he was one of Eckhart's disciples. He also knew Heinrich SusoSuso, Heinrich
, c.1295–1366, German mystic, a Dominican friar, also known as Henry Suso. While studying at Cologne he came under the influence of Meister Eckhart, whose writings he defended against charges of heresy.
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. When the churches of Strasbourg were closed by the bishop of Strasbourg because of a serious quarrel between Pope John XXII and Emperor Louis IV, Tauler went to Basel (1338–39), where he became closely associated with the leaders of the Friends of God, a popular mystical movement that spread Eckhart's teachings. He was one of the greatest of medieval preachers, and his sermons were widely disseminated. They are intellectual appeals to practice detachment from the world and to abandon oneself to the Holy Spirit; they abound in striking analogies and keen observations. In spite of their orthodox and scholastic Catholicism, they have been much admired by Protestants. Collections of Tauler's work often include sermons falsely attributed to him.


See his life and sermons, ed. by S. Winkworth (1962); study by S. E. Ozment (1969); J. M. Clark, The Great German Mystics (1949, repr. 1970).

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Tauler, Johannes


Born in Strasbourg circa 1300; died there June 16,1361. German thinker, mystic, and preacher.

A member of the Dominican order, Tauler was a pupil of Meister Eckart. Tauler imparted a popular character to the ideas of the German mystics of the Middle Ages, paying particular attention to moral activity and pressing social problems. He contrasted the practical ideal of a community of “friends of God” with the formalism of feudal and clerical institutions. Tauler’s interpretation of the New Testament’s description of the “passive” and “active” man influenced M. Luther, while his teachings on man’s call to action in the struggle for ethical ideals were reinterpreted by T. Munzer.


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