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see inninn,
in Great Britain, any hotel, public house, tavern, or coffeehouse where lodging is provided. In American usage, the inn is generally a small rural lodging house for transients.
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An establishment licensed to sell liquor and beer to be consumed on the premises. A public house or inn for travelers; saloon, bar.


1. A place which provides eating and drinking, but no lodging, for the public; a tavern.
2. A hotel.
3. A student hostel or residence.
4. A hospice.


1. a less common word for pub
2. US, Eastern Canadian, and NZ a place licensed for the sale and consumption of alcoholic drink
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In addition, Mr Costigan will also be appointed to the executive board of Wessex Taverns, reporting directly to managing director, Keith Liddell.
Giles Thorley, Punch's chief executive said: 'For the past few years we have been known as both Punch Taverns and Punch Pub Company.
Brian Nolan,Executive Director, United Restaurant & Tavern Owners of New York,Inc
29 report by the Oregon Audits Division found that several Canadian provinces with a similar system of government-owned video lottery terminals provided less generous compensation rates than those that Oregon bar and taverns enjoy.
Finally, and most important, the state regulated the price of drinks and other services offered by the taverns. Price regulation forced tavern keepers to appeal to a wide clientele to make a profit.
Set to begin December 1 and run through the end of the month, the Sunshine Program will give Iowa's tavern owners the opportunity to solicit donations to the children's charity by selling Sunshine certificates to their customers.
It owns four casino properties, nearly 50 taverns and operates approximately 770 distributed gaming locations in Nevada, Maryland and Montana.
The tavern, on Route 9 near Town Hall, has been operated by the Dorman family of West Brookfield since 1980.
A spokesperson from Punch Taverns said: "We fully understand the concerns of local residents and would like to assure them Punch Taverns is treating this issue as a priority."
And, I guarantee you, if they cut back on video poker, it'll go right back to where it was before," McCabe said, referring to the era before video poker when bars and taverns were less profitable in Oregon.
This is not to say that these findings are immaterial; by fleshing out the conceptualization of drunkenness, they clearly contribute to the larger study of how early modern Germans related to the taverns in their towns.
Bass Taverns pleaded guilty to four offences under the Consumer Protection Act at Coventry Magistrates Court yesterday.