Technical Documentation

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Technical Documentation


a system of graphic and textual documents used in designing, manufacturing, and operating industrial products (parts, assembly units, systems, and sets) and in designing, erecting, and operating buildings and structures. The technical documents for industrial products determine the type, design, and composition of the article; they are regulated by the Uniform System of Design Documentation (ESKD) and the Uniform System of Technological Documentation (ESTD), which are part of the USSR state system of standardization.

The Uniform System of Design Documentation is a group of state standards establishing rules and circumstances pertaining to the development, formulation, compilation, and circulation of design documents. These standards include general circumstances pertaining to the execution of documents; rules for drawing up blueprints, textual documents, and diagrams; conventional graphic symbols; rules for the execution of documents pertaining to the use and repair of products; and rules for the circulation of the documents (accounting, storage, duplicating, and amending). The complete set of design documents for a specific product is determined by the type and stage of development of the product. The basic types of design documents include blueprints, used for individual parts, and specification sheets, used for assembly units, sets, and systems. Diagrams, data statements, and technical specifications are also classified as technical documents.

The Uniform System of Technological Documentation is a set of state standards establishing rules and circumstances pertaining to procedures for developing, formulating, compiling, and circulating technological documents. Such documents establish the technology used in manufacturing a product, and they contain the data necessary for organizing production. They include route sheets and operational instructions, flow charts and diagrams, specification sheets of the technological documents, production instructions, and a data statement for materials and fittings. Operational instructions for production processes are issued for manufacturing castings, laying out stock, and machining and heat treating materials.


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