Technical Schools

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Technical Schools


in the USSR, vocational-technical educational institutions for secondary-school graduates, designed to train skilled workers for trades requiring a higher level of general education. Technical schools were established in 1954, reorganized at the end of the 1950’s, and reestablished in 1966. They train personnel for more than 400 trades, including adjusters of automatic transfer machines, operators of entry-driving machines, equipment operators for the oil- and gas-extraction industries, installers of radio and radar units, and equipment operators for the chemical industry. The period of instruction is one to two years.

In 1975 the USSR had approximately 700 technical schools training 364,000 students. Graduates numbered 254,000, and admissions were 308,000. (SeeVOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS and VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL EDUCATION.)

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Technical schools are extremely valuable to this government and play an important role in skills development and in achieving this goal.
Kadis said technical schools offer a high level education and Cyprus falls behind compared to other European counties as regards to technical and vocational education, he said.
For example, some students who enrolled in E[pounds sterling]mraniye Cumhuriyet Occupational and Technical School and 75.
The announcement also marked the inauguration of the first MSME-Samsung Technical School at MSME Extension Centre, Bal Sahyog, Connaught Place, situated in the heart of Delhi.
The Tories have pledged to set up technical schools across England, starting in the 12 biggest cities.
And it rejected proposals for the technical schools.
He said: "Our new technical schools will provide credible, high quality vocational education in each major city.
The strong presence of private-sector technical schools gives I.
One of New York's leading technical schools, the Institute of Audio Research (IAR), has renewed its lease for three full floors comprising 18,000 square feet of space at 64 University Place in Manhattan.
The nine schools operate at one of the lowest costs per pupil for career and technical schools, $8,754 in 2003 compared an Ohio average of $11,470 for career and technical districts.
People already in, or seeking to enter, the workforce often turn to the nation's more than 1,100 public community colleges and technical schools to obtain needed skills.

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