Technical Specifications

technical specifications

[′tek·nə·kəl ‚spes·ə·fə′kā·shənz]
A detailed description of technical requirements stated in terms suitable to form the basis for the actual design, development, and production processes of an item having the qualities specified in the operational characteristics.

Technical Specifications


a document, included as part of the technical documentation of an industrial product, that states the technical requirements for the product, rules for acceptance and delivery, testing methods, and conditions for operation, transportation, and storage.

Technical requirements define a product’s basic parameters and dimensions, properties or performance characteristics, quality indices, and the complete product system, which includes spare parts, materials, and documents. The rules for acceptance and delivery state the procedure and conditions for carrying out control testing when the manufacturing plant submits the product for delivery and the client accepts it. The section on testing methods (testing, analyses, and measurements) establishes the following: methods for determining all parameters and characteristics of the product corresponding to the relevant standards and requirements; rules for sampling or testing and for the selection of equipment, instruments, materials, and reagents; and procedures for preparing and conducting tests, analyses, and measurements and methods used to process the results. The section covering conditions for operation, transportation, and storage contains instructions on assembly, installation, and use of the product; rules for packing and transportation; and permissible locations, conditions, and durations of storage.

Technical specifications may pertain to individual types of products or to groups of products.

In the USSR technical specifications are compiled in accordance with All-Union State Standards and are confirmed and registered by bodies of Gosstandart (the USSR State Committee for Standards). Technical specifications remain in force for a limited period of time. When a certain level of production is attained, they are replaced by All-Union State Standards based on the original technical specifications.


tech specs

(TECHnical SPECificationS) The technical details of an electronic device. Computer and mobile device tech specs include the size and weight of the unit, operating system, processor type and speed, amount and type of RAM and storage as well as the type of display technology, screen size and number of pixels. Input/output ports are also provided. For mobile devices, cellular, battery, camera, fingerprint reader and sensor specs are published along with the kinds of built-in apps. There are often vendor-specific details that may only appear on one product.
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A public authority may include as a condition for the award of a public contract that the products to be supplied must be environment-friendly and socially responsible, but it must do so using detailed technical specifications rather than referring to ecolabels or specific labels.

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