Technology of Metals

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Technology of Metals


the aggregate of techniques and methods for producing and treating metals, as well as the scientific discipline that deals with these topics. The concept of technology of metals includes everything subsumed under the title “metallurgy” in the broadest sense: dressing of ores and extraction of metals from ores, production of alloys, heat treatment, heat and chemical treatment, heat treatment and plastic deformation, and pressure shaping, including forging, stamping, rolling, and drawing. The technology of metals also encompasses foundry operations, welding, soldering, chip-type and chipless machining, and the application of protective coatings.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the technology of metals was an integrated applied science that determined to a great extent a country’s level of technical development; it was based on metallography (now called metal science), metallurgical chemistry, and the theoretical principles of machining. As a result of intensive theoretical and practical developments during the 20th century, particularly in the 1930’s and later, many aspects of the technology of metals became independent sciences and engineering fields, each with its own theoretical foundation.

The technology of metals is treated as an integrated educational discipline in specialized secondary and higher technical educational institutions. It is designed to acquaint the student with the general scientific and engineering principles of the production and treatment of metals.

With the increasing use of nonmetallic structural materials, such as plastics, glass, ceramics, and vulcanized rubber, the concept of the technology of metals is giving way to the concept of the technology of materials, or materials science, the main division of which is the technology of metals.


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