Teddy Bear

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What does it mean when you dream about a teddy bear?

A teddy bear was part of many people’s childhood experience, so in a dream it could simply be a symbol of some aspect of one’s childhood. A teddy bear can also represent comfort and unconditional love, or even a childish relationship. (See also Bear).

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teddy bear

cuddly commodity named after President Theodore Roosevelt. [Am. Hist.: Frank, 46]
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The teddy bear brings melodramatic pleasure to adults because it exists for the purpose of returning the supposed gift of human love received from Roosevelt on that terrifying day in the 1902 swampy canebrake of the Mississippi Delta.
Bear care: Bevan built her collection of impersonators from the discarded parts of other teddy bears, and she shops the second-hand stores in search of clothing to complete the effect.
In the teddy bear market, people are always looking for something new," Oldenburger said.
The teddy bear just gets in the way, such as the time Farrow (he's called "T.K." in the book for the editorial marking, "copy to come") is crossing a checkpoint.
This month, teddy bear fanciers can attend a convention, complete with displays and entertainment, in Nevada City from April 12 through 14.
There will also be a teddy bear trail - try and find the pictures of some of the bears coming to the picnic hidden in the woods and use them to work out what the bears' favourite food is.
The play is performed by actor Simon Hatfield, who will take the audience on a journey through the seasons - from a spring circus and teddy bears' picnics in the summer to hibernating winter bears.
During the walk, they will be accompanied by a life-sized teddy bear and local artist Kelly Norman will place teddy bear paintings along the route.
In this way, each Threadies teddy bear helps provide living wages to an artisan, while also supporting the creation of grassroots childhood development programs in the region.
IF you go down to Jesmond today you're in for a big surprise as a Teddy Bear Trail is launched.
The event, which takes place this Saturday at Sudley House, Mossley Hill, from 11am until 4pm, promises to offer a teddy bear adventure hunt as well as the chance to create your own teddy bear mask and paper picnic plate to take home.