Tee Junction

Tee Junction


(Russian, troinik), in microwave technology, a T-shaped wave-guide junction with branches in one or more directions. It should be noted that the Russian term troinik does not necessarily imply that the wave-guide sections are joined at an angle of 90°. In what is called a tee junction, or tee, in English, the wave-guide sections are joined only at an angle of 90°.

In the simplest type of tee junction, a branch rectangular wave guide is joined to a main rectangular wave guide; the branch wave guide may be joined to the narrow side of the main wave guide to form an //-plane tee or to its broad side to form an £-plane tee. Such tees are used mainly in power dividers and combiners, radar antenna switches, and microwave transformers (as stubs).

The E-H tee, which is a combination of E-plane and //-plane tees and has the properties of a bridge circuit, is used in bridges for measuring microwave impedances, in balanced mixers of frequencies, in balanced antenna switches, in microwave transformers, and in other microwave devices (see alsoHYBRID JUNCTION). There also exist wave-guide-to-coaxial tees, in which the coaxial line branches off from a rectangular wave guide.


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