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Iran: see TehranTehran
or Teheran
, city (1991 pop. 6,475,527), capital of Iran and Tehran prov., N Iran, near Mt. Damavand. It is Iran's largest city and its administrative, commercial, and industrial center. More than half of the country's industry is based in Tehran.
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, Teheran
the capital of Iran, at the foot of the Elburz Mountains: built on the site of the ancient capital Ray, destroyed by Mongols in 1220; became capital in the 1790s; three universities. Pop.: 7 352 000 (2005 est.)
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The authorities, a Teheran student said, feared the people might cheer their hero, who had become a clarion for the reforms, which the majority of Iran's youthful 60 million people entrusted President Khatami to carry out when they voted him into office in 1997.
Washington wants Teheran to "change its behavior"-stop acquiring nonconventional weapons of mass destruction, opposing the Middle East peace process and sponsoring state terrorism.
Au mausolee de l'ayatollah Khomeiny, situe dans le sud de Teheran, deux personnes se sont faites exploser, selon les medias d'Etat.
L'AIEA doit pour cela attester que Teheran a reduit comme convenu le nombre de ses centrifugeuses permettant d'enrichir de l'uranium, et envoye a l'etranger la quasi-totalite de son stock d'uranium faiblement enrichi.
Teheran, who is expected to be the Braves' opening-day starter for the second straight year, has struggled this spring, but he lowered his ERA to 5.
The Braves announced the agreement with Teheran on the day catchers and pitchers had their first workout in spring training.
Le resultat de l'election presidentielle n'aura aucune influence sur le dossier nucleaire", a rappele le chef de l'Organisation iranienne de l'energie nucleaire, Fereydoun Abbassi Davani, pour doucher les espoirs d'un changement eventuel de la part de Teheran.
But easier said than done, Damascus is not ready to give up its alliance with Teheran.
Este reactor, alimentado con uranio natural, remplazara a otro ubicado en Teheran y que funciona desde hace 35 anos.
But in another part of Teheran,away from the speeches and patriotic songs, a student activist was waging a quiet counter- attack on the system that succeeded the shah.
The pact was completed during a fourday visit to Teheran by Aleksandr Rumyantsev, Russia's atomic energy minister.