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, Span. Tajo, Port. Tejo, river, c.585 mi (940 km) long, rising in the mountains E of Madrid, E Spain, and draining the central part of the Iberian Peninsula.
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Co-owner Mira Fragoso, a Brazilian former actress, is proud of the Tejo Bar's creative force, in what was once a traditional district and is now increasingly popular among foreigners and tourists.
Este trabajo se ha dividido en dos partes: en la primera parte se intenta esclarecer como el Juego de Tejo pretendio ser utilizar como un instrumento de disciplinamiento de los sectores populares, al mismo tiempo que se intento convertir en un referente nacional de los colombianos.
SAILINGS Today: Cliffwater, Stenungsund; Tejo Chemist, Sodertalje; Gaschem Isar, Antwerp.
Dan Tejo is exhibiting at the Crown Fine Art Gallery in Birmingham with his "live" work of art.
Tejo said the Frank Pais mill in the province of Santiago de Cuba has boosted its processing capacity from 200 to 350 tons of wheat a day, and that its "industrial yield" had risen 76%, though the article doesn't specify what time period these figures represent.
IN MERSEY | Today, BRUFJELL, a cargo vessel carrying scrap metal; TEJO ALGES, a cargo vessel carrying scrap metal; SOUTHPORT, a tanker carrying crude oils and CEG GALAZY, a cargo vessel carrying logs.
Some political leaders and groups like Hindu Mahasabha have also claimed the monument is in fact Tejo Mahalaya - a Hindu temple.
Veteran BJP leader Vinay Katiyar also reacted by stating that Taj was Hindu deity Shiva's temple called 'Tejo Mahal' which was converted into a mausoleum by Shah Jahan.
A Filmes do Tejo II (Portugal)/Les Films de l'Apres-Midi (France) production.
The government has decided to try to remove the oil remaining inside the sunken vessel, rescue service spokeswoman Pilar Tejo said.