Telegraph Agencies of the Union Republics

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Telegraph Agencies of the Union Republics


news agencies belonging to the integrated state news system of the USSR and under the authority of the Union republic councils of ministers and the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS). Union-republic telegraph agencies enjoy the rights of state committees of the Union-republic councils of ministers.

The telegraph agencies of the Union republics disseminate in the republics national and foreign news and photographic reports received from TASS, gather news and photographic reports about the life of their republics for the republic press, television, and radio, and transmit news of national and foreign interest to TASS for dissemination in the USSR and abroad. They transmit reports in Russian and reports translated into the languages of the Union republics, and they have networks of their own offices and correspondents to gather news in the republics.

The TASS system includes the following telegraph agencies of the Union republics: RATAU (Ukrainian SSR), BelTA (Byelorussian SSR), UzTAG (Uzbek SSR), KazTAG (Kazakh SSR), Gruzinform (Georgian SSR), Azerinform (Azerbaijan SSR), EL’TA (Lithuanian SSR), ATEM (Moldavian SSR), Latinform (Latvian SSR), KirTAG (Kirghiz SSR), TadzhikTA (Tadzhik SSR), Armenpress (Armenian SSR), Turkmeninform (Turkmen SSR), and ETA (Estonian SSR).

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